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  • Specialities of Zhangzhou


    Nanjing Bajitian

    Bajitian is the root of Bajitian herb, also named Buchou herb and Sanman herb. As a valuable Chinese medical herb, it has the functions of invigorating the kidney and strengthening Yang, expelling wind-evil, resolving wetness, and nourishing blood. In the book entitled “Shennong Bencao Jing” Bajitian is highly valued as the “Southern Jinsen”. Hexi Township has become a major producer of Bajitian in China and gained the reputation of the “home of Bajitian”. A number of processed Bajitian products, including Bajitian wine, have been developed and produced locally.   

    Eight-treasured Ink Pad 

    It is made from top quality of pearl, agate, muskiness, coral, monkey dates, plum slice and Airong, mixed with castor oil, and Biaoyinzhu. With bright colour, and aromatic smell, the ink pad would neither melt in water; nor dry in dry weather; nor mould in rainy season; nor leak oil in summer and nor freeze in winter. As the ink pad does not lose its colour in either water or fire, it has been fancied by calligraphers and painters both domestically and abroad. It has won the excellence prize and special prize respectively on the Southeast Asian fair and the Panama fair.   

    Pinghe Guanxi Pomelo

    Big in size and sweet in taste, Guanxi pomelo is originated in the valley of Guanxi River and is the traditional valuable fruit produced in Pinghe County. Guanxi pomelo has been grown in the local area for over 500 years. During Qianlong years of Qing Dynasty, Guanxi pomelo was the tribute article for the emperor. Tongzhi Emperor granted Guanxi pomelo a stamp and a black dragon flag as the tag for the tribute. The unique flavour of the fruit has won the first prize in the successive five years on the national pomelo competitions. Ranking in an advanced position in China, Guanxi pomelo has gained the reputation of “Pomelo King”.  

    Tianbao Banana

    Banana is one of the six major fruits produced in Fujian Province. Situated by the Jiulong River and backed by Tianbao Mountain, Tianbao Township has a mild and humid climate which provides a favourable condition for the growth of bananas. The bananas produced in Tianbao are famous at home and abroad, due to their thin skin, nice smell, sweet taste, soft meat and no cores.  

    Tianfu Tea foodstuffs

    Produced exclusively by Tianren Foodstuff Plant of Tianfu Group, Tianfu tea cakes are made from the quality materials through modern processing technique in a strictly controlled quality. Characteristic in low sugar, low fat and low calorie, the products have passed ISO9001 and ISO9002 International quality attestation. At present, there are over 50 products in 6 major categories: sweets, cakes, tea cakes, preserved fruits, nuts, and instant tea. Tianfu tea products are sold all over the world. The company has established a number of franchise shops in Taiwan, America, Canada, Japan, and Malaysia, and has become a intra-group which owns nearly one hundred franchised shops.   

     Zhangpu Paper Cutting

    Zhangpu paper cutting is a technique based dominantly by “Yin cutting” and assisted by “Yang cutting”. When displaying feather and flower pedals, the artists often use the technique of “row cutting”, to create a vivid image of the object which is as fine and dense as hair. The traditional subjects for the local paper cutting include flowers, birds, melons, fruits, fish and insects, as well as lucky symbols, historic stories and figures. The paper cuttings of “Cock Fighting”, “Rats Wedding”, “Couple Lotus Flower” and “Twelve Zodiac Symbols” are the most popular.   

    Zhangzhou Cotton Portraits 

    The portraits are made mainly from de-fat cotton by applying the principle and rules of painting in combination with the techniques of colour Caizha (handicraft) and embossment through pinching, moulding, plaster, drop-dye and framing to form a strong three-dimensioned picture. As cotton fabric is fine and soft in quality, and identical to feather and leather, the portraits are mainly made in the subjects animals, such as cranes, peacocks, eagles, cats and tigers. Since the cotton portrait was first developed in early 1960s, dozens of varieties of portraits in several categories have been made, and become popular house decorations and souvenirs.   

    Zhangzhou Pianzaihuang 

    Pianzaihuang is an outstanding product of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine, known as “famous medicine of national treasure” among the overseas Chinese. It is a medicine processed from the traditional valuable Chinese medical herbs, with a history of over 450 years. Pianzaihuang is made from the valuable Chinese herbs, including Shexiang, Niuhuang, snake’s gall and Tianqi. It is remarkably effective in curing chronic liver disease, diminishing inflammations, killing pains, preventing wounds of cutting and burning from inflammation, accelerating the healing of wounds.   

    Zhangzhou Narcisus 

    Narcissus is a provincial flower of Fujian province and the city flower of Zhangzhou Municipality. Narcissus has been grown in Zhangzhou for over 500 years. The techniques for growing and ikebana of narcissus are gradually developed to an exquisite botanic culture. The botanists have created the narcissus carving bonsai technique which can make narcissus blossom in the predicted time. In the spring Festival each year, every house hold would have narcissus bonsais. The greening and the aroma of narcissus symbolizes good luck and happiness. 


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