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    Large Yellow Croaker  

    Large Yellow Croaker is popularly named Yellow Croaker. Its meat tastes tender and delicious, and it contains high protein, low cholesterol. It is nourishing and helps to cure anemia. Hence, it becomes the highest grade salt water fish. Large Yellow Croaker of East Fujian is vacuum packaged, high pressurized and sterilized with state-of-art preserving technology to maintain its quality and nutrition. Thus, its color, flavor, mouth-feel and appearance are hardly changed. Besides, it can be stored, carried, sold at ordinary temperature and easy to carry, without the disadvantages of frozen food which is short in shelf life and high in distribution cost.

    Fuding Binglang Taro 

    Fuding Binlang Taro is a well-known local specialty of Fuding County. It has soft pulp and sweet smell and was awarded "Quality Products of the Country & for Export", and got the name "Fuding Taro". For cuisine, Fuding Taro can be fried, cooked, steamed, or stir-fried to be grain or vegetable. It is fine, loose and crispy in texture, and it is aromatic, palatable, unique in flavor, and nutritious. A series of famous dishes cooked with Fuding Taro starch such as "Red Carp Hidden In Mud", "Taimu Tang Pagoda", "Taimu Taro Paste", "Taro Wrapped with Shrimp", and "Chrysanthemum Taro" etcare labeled as state banquet dishes of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse and were praised by leaders of our party and state as well as foreign guests.      

    Xiapu Kelp  

    Ningde City is one of the major producing areas of kelp in China. Thanks to the unique geographical and climatic conditions, kelp produced here is long, high-quality, delicious and full of nutritional ingredients. At present, kelp can be processed to be salified kelp knot, kelp loaf, kelp thread etcand they sell well both inside and outside of Fujian Province.  Kelp is a kind of seaweed that is big in size, soft in texture, delicious in tasteand boasts high nutritive value and economic value. With the pharmaceutical name of Sea Tanglekelp can be used in medicine for hairdressing, water metabolism, preventing and curing adiposity, hypertension, dropsy, arteriosclerosis etc. 

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