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    Fuzhou, also known as the City of Banyan, is the capital city of Fujian Province, as well as the provincial center of politics, economy, science & technology, education and culture. Lying in the southeastern coast of Fujian and lower reaches of Min River, Fuzhou is located at longitude 110°08'-120°31' east and latitude 25°02'- 26°29' north. The total area of Fuzhou amounts to 12,000 square kilometers, in which the urban area reaches 1043 square kilometers and the built-up area reaches 160 square kilometers. The total population hits 6,600,000, including an urban population of 2,430,000.


    With a coastline extending 1,137 kilometers and a maritime domain amounting to 12,000 square kilometers, Fuzhou is facing Taiwan across the Straits, while Pingtan Island is only 68 sea miles from Hsinchu, Taiwan and Huangqi Peninsula of Lianjiang County is only 8,000 meters from Matsu. Fuzhou now governs 5 districts (Gulou, Taijiang, Cangshan, Jinan and Mawei), 2 subordinated cities (Fuqing and Changle), 6 counties (Minhou, Lianjiang, Luoyuan, Minqing, Yongtai and Pingtan) and Langqi Economic Zone.


    Called "Confucius-Mencius Hometown Near the Sea", Fuzhou is famous for its intellectual elite in history, including Wang Shenzhi (the founder of Fujian) of the Five Dynasties, Li Gang (the famous patriotic prime minister) of the Southern Song Dynasty, Lin Zexu (a modern national hero), Yan Fu (thinker of rationalist ideas), Lin Shu (litterateur), Lin Juemin (martyr the Revolution of 1911), Shen Baozhen (senior statesman of navy), Lin Xiangqian (martyr of "May 7" Revolution), Bing Xin (master in literature), Hou Debang (scientist), Gao Shiqi and Chen Jingrun etc. Their former residence and tombs are still in good shape and well reserved.


    As an excellent tourism city, Fuzhou boasts a lot of beautiful scenic spots and places of interest, and is named "the famous resort in the South". There is Drum Mount in the east of Fuzhou, Qishan Mount in the west, Lianhua Mount in the north and Wuhu Mount in the north. Those famed mountains and picturesque landscapes, as well as the long history and the colorful culture, are attracting numerous visitors from home and abroad.


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